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Galley52, café at Galle Fort

About Us

Located right in the heart of the Galle Fort is a little café that offers some of the best dishes that’ll certainly tickle your taste buds, and thirst quenching beverages to beat the Galle heat!

Galley52, located in the middle of Church Street within the Fort is an eatery and coffee lounge that offers quick bites that can cater to any traveler be it from the east or west! A carefully selected menu of some of the most popular dishes from all over the world including our own Lankan favourites are ready to be served along with some of the finest coffees expertly prepped by our baristas.

  • Galley52, eatery and coffee lounge at Galle Fort

    The Theme / Restaurant Concept

    The Galle Fort is deeply rooted in history and owes a lot of its aura and atmosphere to its Dutch settlers back in the 17th century. Galle itself is one of Sri Lanka’s main ports. It is no surprise that we have taken cues from the best of these to recreate Galley52. A ‘galley’ as you might know is the ‘kitchen’ of a ship. A galley is also a type of ship that requires multiple oars. These lend nicely to what we’re about. And 52 of course, is our address. Our eatery and coffee shop pay homage to our rich heritage in the Fort. When you walk in, you’ll almost get the feeling of being back in a time of early settlers when sea travel was the only form of cross country journeys.

  • International food experience at Galley52

    International Experience

    Us at Galley52 strive to provide our visitors with a multi-cultural experience. Be it the cuisine, atmosphere or the folks on our team, we are all about being multi-cultural. This is helped by the several years of international hospitality and food service experience racked up by our team. We aim to cater to every customer whichever part of the world they are from, there’s something for everyone at Galley52.

  • Seafood Dish at Galley52

    The Team

    Our team counts collective experience of over 50 years in the food service and hospitality industries. Our safety procedures, quality standards and best practices are of paramount importance to us and this is reflected in our food preparation as well as the environment of the café. Our team is has gathered experience from working in top hotels, leading restaurants and boutique villas and we assure all our customers a pleasant experience that will make them want to come back!

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