• National Museum of Galle

    National Museum Galle

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Quick Information:

  • Open hours: 9 Am – 4 PM Tuesday to Saturday (Closed on Sunday & Monday)
  • Location: Church Street, Galle Fort, Galle. 80000, Sri Lanka
  • Call: 091 2232051
  • Entrance Fee: Adult- LKR 300. Child – LKR 150
  • Suitable for: Adults and Children

Housed in the oldest building within the Galle Fort perimeters, National Museum of Galle celebrates the history of Southern Sri Lanka, with an emphasis on its colonial past. Built in 1656, the museum building was first used as the commissariat store for the Dutch troops at the fort.

Renovated and converted into a museum in 1986, the museum houses three galleries. The first gallery features the aspects of the ancient village life including instruments used in cottage industries like Dutch lace crafting bobbins, wood mask carving and the now dormant turtle shell jewellery manufacturing.

The second gallery is dedicated to the colonial past of Sri Lanka and features artefacts and exhibits from the Portuguese, Dutch and British periods including coins, period furniture, weapons and costumes.

The third gallery which was a later addition to the museum featured the shared history of ancient Sri Lanka and China and is aptly named as the ‘Sri Lanka & China Friendship Gallery’. The Gallery features remnants left by Chinese Admiral Zheng He and Buddhist monk Faxian in the shores of Sri Lanka and the records of their expeditions within the country.

Ideal for adults and children alike the museum is just a 5-minute walk away from Galley 52, around 3.5 km away from Galle city and 2 hours and 21 minutes away from Colombo through Southern Expressway.