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    Galle Fort Post Office

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Quick Information:

  • Open hours: 9 Am – 3.30 Pm. Monday - Saturday
  • Location: Church Street, Galle Fort, Galle. 80000, Sri Lanka
  • Call: +94 912232050
  • Entrance Fee: Free

The Galle Fort Post Office is one of the first five post offices opened in Colonial Sri Lanka and was first established in 1820 in Moor Street now known as Pedlar Street.

However, the post office at the Galle Fort was relocated to its present location at the juncture of Queens, Church and Church Cross Streets to an ancient Dutch Building built in 1744. A single-storey building constructed with coral stones, lime and sand render the post office renders a roof tiled with traditional half-round terracotta roof tiles and a pillared portico which runs the length of the building’s front end, typical of the Dutch colonial construction in Sri Lanka.

Originally made of two buildings that were used as the Dutch Governor’s Official Residence and the Chief Clerk’s residence, the joint space was later used as the trade office of the Dutch East India Company (VOC) and was the official residence of the Military Commander of the Galle Fort under the British regime.

By 1857 the building housed the building housed the Telegraph Office before also housing the post office, which is still fully operational, despite the dilapidated condition of the rest of the building.

Situated just a three-minute walk away from the Galley52, the Galle Fort Post Office is a great discovery to make into the past of the Galle Fort.