• Roomassala Mountain

    Roomassala Mountain

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Quick Information:

  • Opening hours: 24 hours
  • Location: Rumasala Kanda, Unawatuna, 80600,Sri Lanka
  • Entrance Fee: Free

The epic Ramayanaya has it that, at the bidding of King Rama to find certain herbs endemic to Himalayas for treating his abducted wife Seetha’s wound, his obedient servant Hanuman who unable to locate the required herbs in his mortal haste, had carried from India to Sri Lanka a part of the gigantic Himalayas mountain where the said herbs grew right on his shoulder, and that he’d accidentally dropped a part of it near Galle on the Southern coast, which is known to us today as the Roomassala mountain.

The mythology and exaggeration apart, it’s a proven fact that the Roomassala sanctuary abounds with a wide variety of herbs of enormous medicinal value, some of which can be found nowhere else in the country. Being declared a sanctuary too underscores the enormous importance of flora and fauna found on this mountain overlooking a cerulean bay along the southern coastal belt.

While the sea meeting the wilderness is not exactly an uncommon phenomenon in Sri Lanka, the rare combination of sea, mountain and forest that make for the much-touted Buena Vista is unique to Roomassla and is a major element of the charm the much-storied mountain by the sea holds.

Pull over at the first or second entrance and climb down the rugged and somewhat steep path strewn with granite sticking out of the soil where hundreds of tree roots snake over. Listen to incessant birdsong and the shrill noise of cicada that pierce your ears as you hold the bent branches over and vault over the knotty roots and jagged stones that are waiting to lacerate the feet of unsuspecting and reckless walkers.

The tantalizingly shallow turquoise bay greets you the moment you emerge from the forest cover. Walk over the wet golden sand that glistens like a mirror in the midday sunshine and let the gentle waves wash over your bare feet causing that inexplicable tingly feeling. Bask in the glorious sunshine or take a plunge into the slowly rolling waves. You can boat or sail around the whole bay.

If you’re not a beach bum, then explore the shady cool forest either along the well-beaten paths or along trails that you blaze on your own. Whether you’re a beach lover or hiker, neither the mountain nor the beach ever you disappointed with all the magnificence they hold and share between them forever.The Roomassala mountain is but a mere 20 minutes’ drive from Galley 52. As one of our esteemed guests, you’d be delighted the moment you set foot in the famed mountain.