• Shopping in Galle Fort

    Shopping in Galle Fort

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Shopping in Galle Fort

Combine sightseeing on feet with an exciting shopping spree within the streets of Dutch Fort in Galle Sri Lanka, where trading of luxury goods, spices and curious is a century old traditions. Many warehouses and trading posts that once housed world’s best spices, gems and ivory, now features elegant boutiques selling a range of items from batiks to gems and jewellery, antiques, cosmetics, arts and collectables, all situated just a stone throw away from each other.

Discover some of the most popular, unique, and quaint shopping experiences in Galle Fort to grab great deals in fashion, arts, gems and spices.

Shopping for Clothes in Galle Fort

Whether you are looking for a bargain for casual wear or exotic kaftans, batik ponchos or sarongs, Galle Fort offers some of the hidden gems and leading retail brands within walking distance.

Leading local brand LUV SL by ODEL has their outlet in Pedlar Street offering a range of casual, semi-formal and beachwear with a local theme. Whether you are looking for a unisex t-shirt, sarong, flip-flops or a wrap in a hurry or affordable Sri Lankan souvenirs to take back home ODEL’s LUV SL will never fail you. While you shop take time to admire their lovely courtyard and traditional wooden masks that adorn their walls.

If you are a shopaholic and a dog lover, Embark, a clothing store in Lighthouse Street is the ideal place to visit. Featuring modern street style clothing mixed with some doggy love Embark products also funds the street pooch adoption and care programs launched by Embark.

In the mood for a fancy tropical or beach wear with glitter and colour? Mimimango at Pedlar Street is the answer to all your exotic cravings. Offering handmade sequined, beaded and batik kaftans, tops, shawls, wraps, and pants for women and exotic printed shirts and sarongs with island vibes for men, the boutique also offers beachwear, beaded bags and jewellery that looks irresistible.

Yet if your taste is for rich island colours and immaculate craftsmanship never miss a visit to the Barefoot, a mini-lifestyle store in the Pedlar Street offering fabrics, clothes, books, toys, souvenirs, and homeware. From brightly coloured, hand-woven linen to the world celebrated Barefoot Sarongs, table and bed linen, handmade soaps and crafts; Barefoot offers a unique local touch to light up any person or space.

Shopping for Gem and Jewellery in Galle Fort

Galle had been a celebrated trading port for gems for centuries, to the extent that Sir James Emerson Tennant assumed Galle to be the legendary port city ‘Tarshish’, where the ships of King Solomon obtained elephants, peacocks and gemstones. Today the gem and jewellery shops that line the streets of Galle Fort are a throwback to the glorious days of Galle.

One of the oldest and the celebrated is the Ibrahim Jewellers at Church Street. Established as far as 1909, the Ibrahim Jewellers offers precious stones and handcrafted gold jewellery and is celebrated for authentic blue sapphires and customized designs.

Another jeweller celebrated for their quality gemstones, immaculate service and great designs crafted in silver, gold, and platinum is the Lihiniya Gems. Founded in 1983, Lihiniya is especially known for sapphires, star sapphires and custom designs.

In addition to these stalwarts of traditionalism, Galle fort also houses a generation of new jewellers trading gems and jewellery that suits a range of tastes and budgets.

Tea, Spices, and Exotics at Galle Fort

Once, spices were the reason for the Galle Fort’s prime existence. The Portuguese followed by Dutch and British expanded and fortified the Galle fort to store and protect the precious Ceylon Cinnamon made ready for export.

Reminiscence of its heydays, the roads of Galle Fort is lined with numerous shops selling best of Ceylon Tea, spices, and luxury spa products. Many shops in Pedlars street and Leyn Baan street serves freshly brewed tea and branded tea packets of superior quality as well as various spices produced in Sri Lanka from cinnamon to pepper.

Once you are beaten down from all the shopping and walking head to Spa Ceylon at the Lighthouse Street in Galle Fort discover locally made pampering products.